Tap tap tap, go your fingers on the tabletop. Restless. That’s you. Mind whirling away, wide awake and spinning.

Your mouth opens and you let out a yawn. Tired. That’s also you. Needing sleep, needing peace.

You are both. You are a contradiction. Your mind telling you to go to sleep, to drift off and rest. Your mind shouting thoughts often connected by the barest of threads.

Cake. lie. Portal. Steam. Water. Boiling. Burning. Fire. Smoke. Breathe. Calm. Meditation. Hypnosis. Hype. Excitement. Dance. Sing. Music. Sounds. Mouth. Speech. Gender. Trans. Transatlantic. Plane. Train. Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand. Terry Goodkind.

On and on it goes. Never ending or beginning. Like an ever spinning wheel.

You lie there tired and wanting to sleep. But unable.

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