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I’m a Computer Science graduate from the UK. I’m an avid reader of Fantasy/Sci-Fi/YA books. Topics of interest (that may be blogged about) include Technology, Law, Sexuality and Gender. Personal Life may also get an occasional blogpost, if the topic is long enough to warrant it.

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  1. Hello! There’s probably no way to make this not sound super sketchy, but my husband and I have spent the evening typing in random website names which had potential for our lastest business venture. Your site came up and I was struck by your posts – just 3 weeks ago, we started an online franchise for many of the same reasons you list as wanting. We’re doing it on the side, but hope one day it can allow us to travel, have flexibility, receive a steady income, write/photograph/publish my husbands other books (he’s written one!), give back monetarily to others….and much more. The company is actually expanding to the UK this year if you are interested in hearing more, but even if not, wishing you all the best in finding a career you enjoy that gives you freedom.
    All the best,
    -Natalie (North Carolina, USA)
    PS Yay for macs!

    1. You’re right, that does sound sketchy, I can’t even tell if this is a legitimate comment, or just a phishing attempt. Akismet seems to think you’re legit, but your email domain causes a redirect lop, which means something dodgy is going on. Your public website seems to load fine, if erratically updated.

      1. Fair enough. Not meant to be dodgy – it redirects to our online franchise mentioned (which is associated with shop.com). Notice that we appear as “shop consultants” in even after the redirect. We were trying to figure out a domain better than using our last name when we typed in your site (we started with “buymore”, then “type2buy”…and eventually “typemore”). Anyways, as mentioned – wishing you all the best! It gives you my email address if you’re interested in more – sorry if I’ve freaked you out, but at the very least hopefully it just added some excitement to your day.

        1. Ok, you’re legit.
          Wow. Ummm I would be interested, but unfortunately I’m all tied up until July 2013 with University and my Placement; haven’t really got time to do this as well!

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