The sun is shining brightly, glaring down from the blue sky – barely a cloud in it. The breeze meanwhile, is cool. Not cold but just taking the edge off the heat from the sun burning high above. The salt in the air mixes with scent of the drying seaweed washed up slightly down the shore. In front of you though is dry sand, blending into the damp sand where the sea is slowly lapping before going out to a deep blue ocean with the sunlight scattering off it. The waves lapping are the only sound. No bird calls. No vehicles. No people. Just the waves.

I feel the sand, dry but firm under my feet… between my toes. My dress rippling in the breeze. I’m breathing slowly and close my eyes as I turn my face upwards towards the sun, comfortably warm. My hair is moving slightly in the breeze but otherwise hanging free. I curl my hands and feel the nail polish on my fingertips. I am barely breathing, peaceful.

The sun has moved, it is now dipping down into the sea. The warmth is fading fast, it’s almost cold. The light is fading too, clouds are rolling in dark and black. A storm is coming. I turn away, putting my back to the remaining light. I look back over my shoulder for one last look as the final bit of the sun finally goes out of sight beyond the horizon. I am tempted to follow, but I look forward again and walk up the beach. The sand slipping under my feet, back up and off the beach. Back to reality.