A new start

So I’ve switched to WordPress.
Let’s face the facts – I’m not a blogger at heart, so I don’t have the motivation to code up my own blogging platform in my own time. I’d much rather spend that time doing other things – reading, browsing HackerNews and the Internet in general. Plus, this is simple (and much improved since I last used WordPress.
I guess I’ll do a blogpost shortly about my switch to Mac.
Now for a random thought: When did prisoners find out about 9/11 or 7/7?
I guess this is the kind of question you can only think of after a hard day courseworking, at about 10 to midnight.
And I can tell I’m rambling now, so I’ll leave this here and hope to bring you something much more interesting later.

<Insert Wheel of Time quote here>

2 Replies to “A new start”

  1. When they pop down to the prison shop with the taxpayers money and buy themselves a newspaper and some fags? Or alternatively, when they switch on their (taxpayer purchased) plasma TV?
    Or is that just me being sceptical??

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